Monday Motivation: Joan Watson

Though it’s always difficult to get pumped up for the week after a wonderful weekend, Monday evenings after a three-day weekend are just the worst.

This evening, I was looking for some “strong female characters” in my extensive DVD collection to motivate me to dive into the week ahead with goals and ambition, but was struck by the distinct lack of them in most of my favorite movies. This is nothing new to any living female who watches movies and television, but it was particularly frustrating as I faced down a week I have high hopes for: dive back into my day job after a nice long vacation on the beach, look for new jobs with renewed vigor, establish my side hustle, and
catch up on my volunteer work. Busy, busy, busy!

My challenge was to find inspiration in a woman who just gets things done, as I need to do. After a frustrating review of my collection -where are my awesome ladies outside of romance?! – I turned to my current go-to: Joan Watson in the tv show Elementary.

I’ve watched the first season of this show more times than I care to admit. Joan Watson, as played by the amazing Lucy Liu, is self-assured, proficient, athletic, and has fantastic style – not just in clothes, but actions, speaking, everything. She is her own person, and is utterly unapologetic about it.

Goal for the week: be myself, and don’t apologize. Own it. Whatever it is.


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